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Investing in our software presents a compelling opportunity due to the rapidly growing F&B market and the rising demand for innovative solutions. Our restaurant OS offers everything needed for effective restaurant management, including advanced menu development tools, HR management, finances, business KPIs, precise recipe costing, comprehensive training modules, and much more. We've achieved significant milestones, including successful partnerships with leading brands, a growing user base, and positive feedback from early adopters. These achievements highlight our software's potential to revolutionize the F&B industry and deliver substantial returns on investment.

We are a team of passionate individuals dedicated to enhancing the F&B industry through innovative technology solutions. Our goal is to create exceptional products that address your business challenges. Designed for companies of any size, our tech-driven solutions aim to optimize performance and drive success.

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More control

With Dinic, you can have complete control over your operations from all angles, without any dependency on third parties.


No business is the same, and we can tailor Dinic to benefit your operations by personalizing it according to your unique concept.


Our platform offers a unique all-in-one F&B operations management solution, fully digitalized and enhanced with AI.

Talent Management


Menu and Cost

Menu and Cost




And much more...

Leverage the power of AI to enhance all aspects of your operations, from predictive analytics to personalized customer experiences, driving efficiency and innovation throughout your business.

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